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What is an Industry Group?

  • An Industry Group is an association of credit professionals from the same industry who meet on a regular basis for the primary purpose of exchanging credit information.

What Industry Groups does NACM Oregon Offer?

  • NACM Oregon offers many groups in various industries. Please see here for a comprehensive list

How often do groups meet?

  • Group schedules vary depending on the needs of the group. Most groups meet on a monthly basis on a set day of the month. Some groups meet every other month or just quarterly. For a schedule of how often our groups meet please call our customer service line 971-230-1184

How much do groups costs?

  • The fees for groups vary depending on the group. Most groups have a set cost for meeting fees which covers the costs of preparing for the meeting. Some groups have additional costs for meals, speakers, etc.

    For a price quote for a local group contact Clara Nemeth/971-230-1144 and Caroline Anderson/971-230-1168 for national groups. Don’t forget to tell us who you work for and what industry group you are interested in.

Who can attend Industry Groups?

  • Individuals attending groups should be credit personnel, not sales staff. All information shared in the group setting must remain confidential and be used only by the credit department. It’s not intended for sales.

You want me to tell my biggest competitor how my best customer is paying??

  • Well, yeah. We know it sounds strange at first, but that’s what an industry credit group is for. Credit professionals from competing firms in the same industry get together to to exchange credit information. It works, trust us.

What is Anti-Trust and how does it protect my firm in a credit group situation?

  • Anti-Trust is a set of laws intended to regulate business monopolies, such as trusts or cartels, especially in the interest of promoting competition. Following anti-trust guidelines is imperative to protect all parties from possible litigation in an industry group environment. Find more information here.

Benefits of Industry Credit Groups

  • Credit Reports – Receive NACM business credit reports on the customers submitted by group members for discussion. The NACM database contains more than 7 million tradelines on business nationwide.
  • Networking – Get to know credit professionals from your industry.
  • Free Alert System – Warn group members and receive alerts from other group members when there is a negative change in a customer’s credit situation. Bankruptcy, collections, NSF checks, etc.
  • Free Forum Access – NACM Oregon has a forum just for your industry. This is a social networking tool which allows you to reach out to group colleagues online.