Find the Right Group for You 

An industry group provides two great things - knowledge and networking. As with any business, both of these are very important to an organization’s success. An Industry Group is a place where credit professionals of the same industry network on a regular basis for the primary purpose of exchanging credit information such as payment experience on current and prospective customers.

Don’t forget there are catered lunches, and who doesn’t like that?

Belonging to an industry group offers several benefits:

  • Credit Reports - Receive NACM business credit reports on the customers submitted by group members for discussion. The NACM database contains more than 7 million tradelines on business nationwide.
  • Networking - Get to know credit professionals from your industry.
  • Free Alert System - Warn group members and receive alerts from other group members when there is a negative change in a customer’s credit situation (bankruptcy, collections, NSF checks, etc.).
  • Free Forum Access  - NACM Oregon has a forum just for your industry. This is a social networking tool which allows you to reach out to group colleagues online.

Need more info? For local group inquries contact Clara Nemeth/971-230-1144 and Caroline Anderson/971-230-1168 for national groups. Don’t forget to tell us who you work for and what industry group you are interested in.