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Do I need a college degree in order to start working towards designation?

    Absolutely not! NACM National takes work experience into consideration when determining which certification you qualify to start working towards. Just make sure you have an updated resume completed to send to them when you are ready to register. If you do have college classes completed, however, great! Just request official transcripts to be sent to National along with your registration.

Can I apply for scholarships towards certification classes?

    Yes! Though NACM-Oregon Foundation (NOF) and through National NACM, you can apply for scholarships that will help offset the costs of books and tuition fees. You should also check with your employer to see if they offer any tuition reimbursement towards job-related classes.

I want to earn a designation, but I’m not sure where to start. How can I get the information I need?

    We offer Certification Roadmap Introduction classes quarterly (January, March, and September). Taught by a designee holder, this free session will guide you through the process of registering with National, deciding which classes best suit your needs and schedule, and how you can earn roadmapping points. The instructor has completed the process and can ease your anxieties....and lunch is included!

What are my options for participating in classes?

  NACM offers several ways in which you can take classes:

  • Through a local community college
  • In-house at NACM Oregon
  • Annually at Credit Congress
  • Through the Business Credit Learning Center (BCLC)
  • Through National/The Credit Learning Center

Are my work history and prior education taken into consideration?

    Yes! That's why it's so important to keep your resume up-to-date and to make sure you have both official and unofficial copies of transcripts from any college you've attended (no matter how long ago). National uses this history to build your file and to determine exactly which certification program you should start with. Who knows? You may be closer to earning your certification than you think!