Why Contribute? 

Wonder why you should contribute? Why not?! Did you know that over half of NACM Oregon members share their data? Here are just a few of the many great benefits of contribution:

  • IT'S FREE - How often is a service free and beneficial to your firm?
  • Contributing helps you save money
    • Discounted pricing on business credit reports
    • Discounted pricing on industry group fees
  • It can save time
    • If you are in an industry group, contributing generally takes less time than submitting experience manually.
    • Quit answering direct checks, tradeline references, etc -  Refer them to NACM credit reports instead.
  • You can warn other credit report users about slow-pays - Stop that account who has skipped out on you before they take out credit across town!
  • You can reward prompt-paying customers - Why not help them build up their good credit history?
  • You'll gain debt collection leverage - If customers know you have the power to impact their credit score, maybe they'll pay you?


Ready to start contributing or still have some questions? Contact Shannon Abnal at 866-929-1166 to start sharing!