What is Data Contribution? 

Data contribution is the NACM service which allows your firm to place tradelines on the business credit reports of your customers.

Ever wonder where credit reports come from?  Or how the credit bureaus get the tradelines you see on credit reports?  Data Contribution is the foundation for building credit reports.  Firms of all sizes and from all industries share their customers' credit experience through data sharing programs.  Their customer experience is merged on to the credit reports of their customers, creating tradelines on the credit reports.  These tradelines add to the overall picture of a firm's financial health, impact the credit score, and allow credit report users to make informed credit decisions.

Contribution is accomplished by sending NACM electronic files of aging data on a monthly basis. The files include basic information on your customers and how they are paying your firm. It's pretty painless. Most contributors find it takes just a few minutes once a month.

You send the data file, we handle the rest. It's a piece of cake!