The NACM Oregon Foundation has been around for nearly two decades, providing scholarship opportunities to credit professionals.

The scholarships offered through the Foundation assist applicants in the pursuit of education and training, achieving professional designation, and attending national and regional programs.

Board of Directors

The Foundation’s Board of volunteer Directors are elected annually by its membership. Board members are responsible for raising and distributing funds to support a wide variety of educational and professional development pursuits. To this end, the Foundation has awarded nearly $100,000 in scholarships.

Phylliss Clark Memorial Fund

To give credit professionals the ability to attend annual regional conferences, the Foundation has provided numerous scholarships to a significant number of NACM and CFDD members.

The Phylliss Clark Memorial Fund was established in honor of the well-known and respected manager of the NACM Oregon education/communications department, who died in an auto accident Memorial Day weekend in 1993. Because of Phylliss Clark’s strong commitment to education and her dedicated service to NACM and CFDD, the Foundation established an endowment worthy of her memory.

Each year, earnings from the endowment are distributed as scholarships to qualified members of the two Oregon-area Credit & Financial Development Division (CFDD) chapters to offset registration and attendance costs to regional conferences. In selecting these yearly scholarship recipients, special recognition is given to first time attendees.

Mission Statement

The NACM Oregon Foundation promotes and advances the professionalism of individuals in credit management and provides career development opportunities.

To apply for a scholarship, complete the Scholarship Application.

You also may apply for professional certification support. To apply, complete the Professional Certification Support Award.


Charlene Gothard, CBF, and senior credit representative at Purina Animal Nutrition LLC, received several NOF scholarships that helped pay for attending the Pacific Northwest Credit Conference and National Credit Congress. She is the CFDD National Chair­ Elect and strongly supports NOF’s mission of helping credit professionals. Participating in NACM or CFDD is “investing in yourself, professionally,” says Gothard. “NOF scholarships are a way to make that investment even if you may work at a company that doesn’t support professional development. If your company does support professional development, it’s a way to pay them back.”

“Just the fact that an NOF scholarship is available to any local credit professional is amazing,” says Isaac Miller, NACM Oregon Board member and branch credit manager at Food Services of America. Miller received an NOF scholarship four years ago to attend NACM’s National Credit Congress. The conference was an experience he remembers to this day, though it was the availability of a scholarship that Miller found even more remarkable.

Pat Swope, CCE, CICP Pacific Seafood’s director of accounts receivable and credit, credits NOF with inspiring both his staff and some aspects of his own professional development. NOF’s benefits were experienced by Swope when he received a scholarship for attending a National Credit Congress in Orlando, Florida. It was the only Credit Congress he has attended, but “what I saw at the congress convinced me to focus on getting my CCE.”

Jeff Butterfield, CCE, who works with Swope at Pacific Seafood took some of the key beginning CBA classes after receiving tuition assistance from NOF. “The NOF scholarship really got him started toward his first credit designation,” reports Swope. Butterfield  has since attended NACM’s Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management at Dartmouth and in June of 2014 received his CCE designation. His success has inspired another credit professional at Pacific Seafood, Kathi Pieper, CBF, CCRA, to start on her own journey towards certification. Pieper passed the CBF exam in the summer of 2014.

Debora Diamond-Burt, CBA, CICP, and credit manager at Schnitzer Steel, discovered the benefits of an NOF scholarship when Portland hosted the NACM conference on international credit practices. An NOF scholarship awarded to Diamond-Burt and several credit administrators at Schnitzer, allowed them to stretch their company’s conference budget. “Several people were able to attend the conference instead of just one person,” Diamond-Burt says.

Debora’s first experience with NOF was when she received a scholarship to attend the CFDD National Credit Congress – an event she had not been able to attend. “The biggest benefit of NOF scholarships is the benefit of additional education,” Diamond-Burt realized. “Helping offset the cost to both employee and employer encourages us to go.” Her Schnitzer co-workers have drawn the same conclusion. Attending the International Business Day in Portland “started them on their path towards obtaining their certification,” reports Diamond-Burt. It sparked interest in certification and NACM-offered classes – for which they requested scholarships.

As a member of NACM’s National Board of Directors, Rick Weisman, CCE, Financial Manager at Graybar Electric, must attend the National Credit Congress. Yet every time Weisman has asked for assistance from NOF “They’ve been very willing to help,” he says. “The application is easy to complete,” says Weisman. “It’s a relief knowing how willing they are to help anyone with a need and an interest in education.


NACM Oregon Foundation Board of Directors:

Betty Beeson-Bauder, CBF
Pendleton Woolen Mills

Mike Bena, CCE

Barbara Davis, CCE
Vice Chairman
Northwest Pump & Equipment

David Erickson, CCE
NW Natural
503-226-4211 x5851

Kathy Hamilton, CCE
SAIF Corp.

Lori Kimball, CBF
NOF Scholarship Chair

Yvonne Prinslow, CCE
Hampton Lumber Sales

Marilyn Rea, CCE
Pacific Architectural Wood Products

Lourdes (Lou) Rice
Chairman of the Board
Pacific Metal Co.